Cover of Mediclaim Policy


♦ Room rent, boarding expenses.

♦ Medical practitioners fees.

♦ Intensive care unit.

♦ Nursing Expenses.

♦ Anesthesia, blood, oxygen, operation theatre expenses, surgical appliances, medicines & consumables, diagnostic expenses.

♦ Drugs, Medicines and consumables consumed during hospitalization period.

♦ Ambulance expenses to be cover.

♦ Domiciliary hospitalisation: Reasonable and customary charges.

♦ The relevant medical expenses incurred during 30 days prior to hospitalization are known as ‘Pre-hospitalization expenses’.

♦ Medical expenses incurred for 60 days hospitalization are known as ‘Post-hospitalization expenses’.

♦ This Mediclaim insurance policy is issued for a period of 1 year and renewable for further period of 1 year. Policy holder should be advised to renew their mediclaim policy before due date otherwise policy shall be treated as lapsed and continuity benefits will break.

♦ Under Network Hospitals cashless benefit available.